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Coronavirus – Scout Group Activities

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the Scout Association has instructed that all Scout meetings and events be suspended until further notice.

Since the safety and wellbeing of all our members – young and less-so – is always our number one priority, all Whitburn Scout Group activities will no longer take place until we are advised it is safe to do so.

We will of course post here, on our Facebook page and through OSM any developments when they happen.

Please look after yourself and others and we will be back as soon as we are able to be.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

All the Leaders of Whitburn Scout Group would like to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and very best wishes for the new year.

We hope everyone is, and remains, safe and well.

Take care please.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year | 7th Darlington Scout Group

Scout Post 2020

We are very sorry to announce that due to Government and Scout Association COVID restrictions, we are unable to operate our annual Christmas Post service this year.  We know that the Scout Post is a much relied upon service for many in the community and has been since it began in 1985.  We apologise for this but hope people will appreciate that this decision has been made due to factors outwith our control.  

The Post is also our principal fundraiser of the year and the money raised – approx £2500 in 2019 – would be spent on the membership fees to the Scout Association for all our young members. This allows us to reduce the cost of Scouting to our members and help make Scouting, as it should be, available to all.

Scouts Post Ipswich

COVID Compliance Homepage | 4th Heswall Sea Scout Group

First, we hope everyone is safe and well during what continues to be a very challenging time for us all. 

Secondly, sincere apologies for the lack of updates in recent months.  Like so many, the Leaders of the Group have been simply trying to get through this period and busy adapting and coping with the new ways of working and living.

Normal Scouting, as we know it, has not been possible since mid-March.  The Beaver section offered on-line programmes via Zoom from April – June and all sections have posted various items of badge work on the Group’s website that can be completed independently.  The level of engagement for these activities has been low.  Which, we totally understand; what makes Scouting great is being with other Scouts.  “Virtual Scouting” just isn’t the same!

Indoor Scouting was possible for period, but the halls at Brucefield Church have been and continue to remain closed to users.  We are in regular contact with Brucefield but we still do not know when this situation will change.  Also, with West Lothian recently placed in Tier 4, indoor Scouting is not currently possible anyway.

The Leadership team have been broadly reluctant to hold face-to-face meetings for a number of reasons – declining weather at this time of year makes meeting outside difficult, concerns about the spread of COVID, concerns over the quality of programmes we are able to provide (both inside and out) due to all the necessary requirements when meeting and ensuring these are met and the complexity – perceived or otherwise – in the risk assessment process required by the Scout Association for all meetings.

COVID restrictions also mean that our annual and main fundraiser, the Scout Post, is not able to take place.  This will be the first time the Post has not run since it began in 1985.   As well as being a much used service by many in the community it also raises approximately £2,500 for Group Funds.  Clearly this, and the cancelling of bag packing at Morrison’s in August, puts a significant dent in our annual income. 

News of vaccines provide us all with hope that the COVID situation will improve, but it is clearly some time off before we get back to, if it’s possible, normality.  We will continue to monitor and review the situation carefully going forward and please be assured that everyone at the Scout Group cannot wait to get back to Scouting when it is possible and safe for us to do so.

If you have any comments, suggestions or just wish to make contact then we’d love to hear from you.  Please e-mail or drop us a message on our Facebook page. 

Please keep well and stay safe everyone.

Scouting Doesn’t Stop

There are lots of badges that can be completed during this lockdown, find a full list with criteria here: Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any issues or questions.

I have put together a list of some of the badges below: 
Writer activity badge(2 criteria need completed, other ideas found Write a fictional short story.  Write a poem of at least 10 lines. Create and conduct an interview and record the answers(this can be done on the members of your household).

Scout Craft activity badge(1 criteria need completed, other ideas found Make something that can help with everyday life. Paint/Draw a picture that represents an important part of scouting.

Digital citizen stage 1(3 criteria below need completed, other ideas found :Show you know how to turn on a computer(You can send a picture in with where the power button is)Create a piece of digital media. It could be artwork, a photograph, music or animation.Use the internet for research:decide on an area of interestfind three websites with content that matches your area of interestcollect relevant information by printing or saving as filesUsing your internet research, design a presentation and tell others about what you have found out.

If none of these are too exciting there are also core scout skills that the kids can try:
Scouting history:
Other scout essential skills:,588,361

We will take any of the evidence in email form. If you could include the name of the badge and any pictures or documents. Alternatively we can wait to see it when we get back to normal, whichever is easiest 


Calling all Beavers!

First, we hope that everyone is safe and well 😊

We are hoping to try a weekly online Beaver meeting through Zoom. Planned starting date on Thursday 30th April at 6pm for approximately 30-40 mins. 

Each meeting would require a parent to be online with their child to help with activities, but also for child protection reasons. 

Each meeting would include an art activity, a (silly!) game and a wee challenge to practise for the following week. We would let you know in advance what you would require ie paper, colouring pens and scissors. We promise to keep things simple for you all 😊

If you would be interested in your child joining in can you please “like” the Facebook post to help us judge numbers. 

I will post again later with more information and a time for a “trial” Zoom meeting on Thursday, to make sure everyone is comfortable with the platform. 

Take care 😊


Cub Activity Badges

Just a couple of badge suggestions for Cubs to keep themselves busy during the lock down period.

Book Reader Activity Badge.

How to earn your badge.

Make a list of at least six books you have read or used recently. Books you have read on an e-reader count too. Name the authors of your books. Tell your leader or other Cubs something about three of your books. At least one book should be fiction and one should be non-fiction. Show that you know how to care for your books and know the benefits a library can bring to people who enjoy reading. Show that you can use a dictionary and a thesaurus. Write a review of your favourite book and share it with your Sixer, an Explorer Scout Young Leader or your Cub Leader.

Home Help Activity Badge.

How to earn your badge Plan, cook and serve a simple one-course meal. Wash up afterwards. Show how to clean a saucepan or other cooking utensils, cutlery and glasses. You could use a dishwasher for this step, including loading and unloading it. Help sort out the washing. Load and unload the washing machine. Iron at least two items. They could be things like pillowcases, t-shirts or trousers. Sew on a button. Help to clean and tidy a living room. Clean at least two items in your home. They could be things like a basin or kitchen cupboard, silverware or brass. Take sheets, pillow covers and the duvet cover off a bed and help to put clean ones on. Make your own bed for a week.

Home Safety Activity Badge.

How to earn your badge: Find out what to do about a burst water pipe, gas leak or electricity power failure in your home. Identify the common causes of accidents in the home. How they can be prevented? Find out how to protect your home from crime. Find out where the nearest public telephone box is to your house. Where else could you make an emergency call if the public telephone wasn’t working? Make a list of useful emergency numbers.

Scouting doesn’t Stop…

Hello everyone. We very much hope everyone is safe and well.

Week 2 and another Thursday may have sadly passed without a Beaver meeting but we are very keen that Scouting continues. So to add to last week’s Activity Badges, here are another two that Beavers may wish to think about trying.

We thought this week we could start by getting our imaginations going by looking at the Creative Activity Badge.

To earn this badge, Beavers need to:

  1. Do a performance. You could try one of these:
    • a poem
    • a puppet show
    • a short story
    • a dance
    • any other relevant activity
  2. Try a craft. You could make one of these:
    • a card – Easter, birthday, Father’s Day
    • seasonal item, like a decoration for a faith festival
    • glass painting
    • plate painting  
    • any other relevant activity
  3. Construct something. You could do one of these:
    • make something that has moving parts, using recycled materials
    • use Lego or Meccano to build something
    • make something from clay or plasticine
    • make something from boxes and cartons
    • any other relevant activity
  4. Use your imagination. You could do one of these:
    • draw a picture, or make a model or collage, of what the world might be like in 100 years
    • create a cartoon character and write a short comic strip telling a simple story
    • create a superhero and tell others what superpowers they have
    • any other relevant activity

Another Activity Badge to try could be the Space Activity badge.

To earn this badge, Beaver Scouts need to:

  1. Be able to say what you can see in the night sky. It could be stars, the moon or planets.
  2. Point out and name at least one constellation you can see.
  3. Name the eight planets in our solar system and draw or make a model of one of the planets. You could use papier-mache to make your model, for example.
  4. Find out about a space mission, an astronaut or a planet in our solar system.

We are always super-flexible when it comes to the “evidence” Beavers produce to earn any badge. As with all Scouting activities, we are just looking for everyone to “do their best”.

Remember, please keep all your hard work so you can bring it along when we return. Feel free to post any pictures, progress reports or comments on our Facebook page or e-mail them to

If none of these badges are of interest, all the Beaver Scout Activity badges can be found at:

There’s also a whole lot of activities at:

to be carried out indoors.

Good luck, keep safe and keep Scouting everyone!

Hello everyone. We hope everyone is well.

Since it seems we are all going to be spending more time indoors for the next wee while, I thought an appropriate first recommendation might be the BOOK READER ACTIVITY BADGE.

To gain this badge, Beavers need to:

  1. Design a cover for your favourite book. Be able to tell us all why this book is your favourite.
  2. Read at least six books. Books you have read on an e-reader count too.
  3. Show that you know how to look after a book.
  4. Make a bookmark and explain what bookmarks are for.

Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more hands-on, how about trying the BUILDER ACTIVITY BADGE. To gain this badge, Beavers need to:

  1. Design a model of something you would like to build. The design can be on paper or a computer.
  2. Make a list of all the items you are going to need to build your idea.
  3. Build your idea using the list of items you need. Your model could be made using building blocks, gears or recycled items such as toilet roll tubes or cardboard boxes.
  4. Be able to explain to us all how long your build took to finish, if anything went wrong and what you would change if you built it again.

Remember, please keep all your hard work so you can bring it along when we return. Feel free to post any pictures, progress reports or comments on our Facebook page or e-mail them to

If none of these badges are of interest, all the Beaver Scout Activity badges can be found at:

There’s also a whole lot of activities at:

to be carried out indoors.

Good luck and get Scouting everyone!

'Link' Post | By on 23rd March 2020

Scouting Can Continue…

Hello everyone

We hope everyone is well.

Scout meetings and events may be suspended at the moment but that doesn’t mean Scouting has to stop altogether!

We’ve added a new section to our website – Self-Scouting! The plan is to post information on activities and badges that all our young members can work on until meetings resume.

Keep “evidence” for the badges and bring it along when we return. You could even post pictures, comments, advice on our Facebook page or e-mail it to and we will get it on the website.

Keep safe everyone please, look after everyone and keep Scouting!