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The following articles were authored by Neil

Cub Activity Badges

Just a couple of badge suggestions for Cubs to keep themselves busy during the lock down period.

Book Reader Activity Badge.

How to earn your badge.

Make a list of at least six books you have read or used recently. Books you have read on an e-reader count too. Name the authors of your books. Tell your leader or other Cubs something about three of your books. At least one book should be fiction and one should be non-fiction. Show that you know how to care for your books and know the benefits a library can bring to people who enjoy reading. Show that you can use a dictionary and a thesaurus. Write a review of your favourite book and share it with your Sixer, an Explorer Scout Young Leader or your Cub Leader.

Home Help Activity Badge.

How to earn your badge Plan, cook and serve a simple one-course meal. Wash up afterwards. Show how to clean a saucepan or other cooking utensils, cutlery and glasses. You could use a dishwasher for this step, including loading and unloading it. Help sort out the washing. Load and unload the washing machine. Iron at least two items. They could be things like pillowcases, t-shirts or trousers. Sew on a button. Help to clean and tidy a living room. Clean at least two items in your home. They could be things like a basin or kitchen cupboard, silverware or brass. Take sheets, pillow covers and the duvet cover off a bed and help to put clean ones on. Make your own bed for a week.

Home Safety Activity Badge.

How to earn your badge: Find out what to do about a burst water pipe, gas leak or electricity power failure in your home. Identify the common causes of accidents in the home. How they can be prevented? Find out how to protect your home from crime. Find out where the nearest public telephone box is to your house. Where else could you make an emergency call if the public telephone wasn’t working? Make a list of useful emergency numbers.

Fire station visit

As part of the Fire Safety activity badge, Cubs will visit Bathgate fire station on Thursday 23rd November. Cubs to meet at the fire station at 6.30pm and be collected at 7.30pm.

Cub Section Report

Cub Section Report January 2015
Currently we have 32 Cubs in the pack, with only one currently linking with the Scouts and three due to start linking at the beginning of March. We have had eleven new Cubs, nine from Beavers and two direct entries.
Since our last meeting the Cubs have been really busy:
We took twenty three Cubs to the group camp at Fordell Firs, where we took part in various activities, such as grass-sledging and archery, and a great weekend was had by all.
We have completed the Community Challenge Badge, which included a visit to Bathgate Fire Station, where the Cubs had an in depth tour of a fire engine and a talk about what being a firefighter involves.
The also completed the Emergency Aid Stage 2 and Home Safety Badges (the latter was organised and run by Ruaridh and Aimee). This included topics such as the recovery position, treatment of bleeding and burns, and what to do in an emergency.
In October, we completed the Astronomer Badge, which included a very interesting visit to the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh. There, Cubs learnt about the solar system and the individual planets. They also had a talk about the giant telescope.
November and December slowed down a bit. We had our traditional Irn Bru and short bread for St Andrew’s day, while the rest of the time we had games evenings, playing some of our usual games and some we hadn’t played before. We even let some of the Cubs lead the games so they could see how easy it is to be a leader.
During the Christmas break, we went with the rest of the group to the King’s theatre in Glasgow to see the pantomime ‘Peter Pan’. Another great success.
This year, we have started work on the IT Badge stage 2. Cubs are learning about the parts of a computer and internet safety.
We plan to do more badge work with the pack in the coming months. Our Cub camp is booked for the weekend 29th-31st May at the Craigs. All are welcome to come along for the weekend or pop in for an hour or so.
Thanks once again to Paul, Steven (when work allows), Ruaridh and Aimee for all your efforts. If anyone knows of anyone who would be interested in coming along to join the team, they would be more than welcome.

Cub Report

Cub Report 2014
The Cubs have had another busy year. Currently there are 29 Cubs in the Pack; 6 less than last year at this time.
Last May, the Pack had their annual camp at the Craigs. 28 Cubs attended. Although the weather was terrible and our hike up Cairnpapple a wash out, we still had a great time: playing games in the Jubilee shelter on the Saturday afternoon and our semi-indoor camp fire.
In June, we took part in the civic week and gala day parades. These were not greatly attended; however, we live in hope.
Unfortunately, the Cubs finally relinquished their grip on the civic week quiz shield, losing narrowly to the Brownies. (enough said)
Also in June we went on our now annual, joint trip, with the Beavers to Polkemmet park. The children had a great time and the midges had a feast.
After the summer holidays the Pack spent several weeks working on the Scottish Cub Challenge Badge, which involved various activities, like walking the distance of the height of Ben Nevis; learning about St. Andrew; comparing the largest rivers, lakes, mountains and cities in Scotland with the rest of the world. This also incorporated a St. Andrew’s evening which involved Scottish country dancing, singing some Scottish songs (which helped earn the pack the Entertainer Badge) and, of course, no St Andrew’s night would be complete without Irn Bru and shortbread.
We had our customary Hallowe’en party at the end of October, where everyone got dressed up. This was another fun packed evening of traditional activities.
During the Christmas holidays we went to the pantomime (‘Aladdin’) at the Kings Theatre in Glasgow – another fabulous show. Thanks once again to Gavin for organising this.
Over the past few months, the Pack has earned the Map Reader badge and the Athletes badge. They have also learned some pioneering skills: knots, lashings, etc.
Last month we had 22 Cubs at our annual camp at the Craigs, where they learned how to put up tents and light fires. We also built some A frames, did some tracking, and took part in a treasure hunt. This earned those at camp the Outdoor Challenge Badge. This year the weather was much kinder to us and when we returned to Whitburn on the Sunday, there were 22 very tired, grubby but happy Cubs.
From the 22 who were at camp, 13 got the 1 nights away badge; 4 the 5 nights away badge, and 1 the 10 nights away badge.

9 Cubs attended the district parade at Linlithgow recently (still living in hope).
Up and coming events are our annual trip to Polkemmet with the Beavers, which has been brought forward to the 22nd of May, due to elections. Hopefully we can regain the Civic Week quiz shield this year.
The Cubs continue doing their own badge work, with the Collector badge still being the most popular.
Thanks once again to Paul, Steven and Neil. Thanks also to Aimee and Ruaraidh our Explorer Scouts ,who have recently come to help with the pack, and are a very welcome addition.

Cub Camp

The Cubs have recently returned from their annual camp at the Craigs (4th-6th April).

Twenty-two Cubs attended, as well as two very well-behaved Scouts and four extremely helpful Explorer Scouts and, of course, the leaders.

Although the site was damp underfoot, the weather held and stayed dry to allow the pack to take part in the numerous activities which were organised.

The pack learned how to pitch tents and light fires; they also took part in pioneering, tracking and a treasure hunt, as well as a fun-packed afternoon at the adventure playground.

They also had a great time at the camp fire on Saturday night, with some of the younger ones learning a few new songs.

We returned to Whitburn on Sunday afternoon, tired, grubby, but extremely happy. A great time was had by all.

Cub Section Report

Cub Section Report
February 2014

Currently, there are 30 Cubs in the pack: 8 moved up from Beavers in November, and there were 4 direct entries between September and November and 1 re-entry. Five Beavers are currently linking with the Pack. One Cub moved to Scouts before Christmas, and there are 4 Cubs who are now aged to move to Scouts and will start linking in March.

Since the summer, the pack has been very busy. We had 16 Cubs at the group camp at Auchengillan in September where they took part in the various activities that had been organised. Thanks to Gavin and George for arranging this.

We also completed the Scottish Cub Challenge badge, which involved walking the distance of the height of Ben Nevis, learning about St Andrew, comparing the longest rivers, biggest mountains etc. in Scotland with others in Europe and around the world. We also learned some Scottish songs and the Dashing White Sergeant, which also earned the pack the entertainer badge. The singing and dancing took place on St Andrew’s night, so we had to indulge in shortbread and Irn Bru.

We had our customary Hallowe’en party at the end of October, where everyone got dressed up. This was another fun packed evening of traditional activities.

We had 3 Cubs attend the Remembrance Day parade.

December saw various fun packed evenings, finishing with a games night before the Christmas break.

During the holidays we went to the pantomime (‘Aladdin’) at the Kings Theatre in

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Glasgow – another fabulous show. Thanks once again to Gavin for organising this.

The pack has just completed the Map Reader badge. This involved learning about grid references, compass points and ordnance survey symbols.

We plan to do the Astronomer badge and the Athlete badge in the coming months, and also hope to do the Camper badge and Outdoor Challenge badge at our Cub camp in April.

Thanks once again to our leadership team, Paul, Steven and Neil. Also to Mark McGuire and Aimee Spinks who have recently started helping out.

Chippy Hike

On Thursday, the Pack took part in a chippy hike as part of the Scottish Cub Challenge Badge (they had to walk the same distance as the height of Ben Nevis – 1344 metres). They also took the opportunity to decide on the best chips in Whitburn. This accolade went to the West End Fryer.

Cub September Report

Cub Section Report September 2013
We currently have 25 Cubs in the pack with 5 having recently moved up from Beavers.
Two are Scout age and will start linking with the Scout troop after the October holiday.
Since the last report, the pack has been camping at The Craigs. Twenty seven Cubs attended and, despite the terrible weather, the majority had a great time, even if our hike to Cairnpapple was a wash out. The games in the Jubilee shelter and the chippy dinner made up for things.
The Pack took part in the Brucefield Church parade, Civic Week and Gala Day parades, and although we had a reasonable attendance at these we could do better. We took part in the Civic Week Quiz, but didn’t manage to continue our recent winning streak.
The Pack worked hard to gain the Communicator badge, which involved learning semaphore, morse code and how to use a mobile phone amongst other things.
The Pack has started working on the Scottish Cub challenge badge, which will probably keep them occupied until Christmas.
We are looking forward to the Group camp at Auchengillan next week, where Gavin and George have organised some great activities and, hopefully, steak pie. We also have the District Parade to look forward to in October.
Thanks once again to Paul, Steven and Neil for everything they do throughout the year and a warm welcome to Explorer Scout Mark McGuire who has recently joined us.

Cub Annual Report

Cub Report 2013

The Cubs have had a really busy and exciting year. We currently have 35 Cubs in the pack; however, 5 of them are linking with the Scouts at the moment.

Last May we had our Cub camp at the Craigs, where we learned how to put up tents, fire-lighting skills, and lots of other fun things.

In June, we took part in all the usual civic week activities, including the Songs of Praise and Gala day parades. We also regained the Junior Gala Quiz Trophy.

In September, we went to Fordell Firs for the Group camp, where we had another great time, trying things like grass sledging, karting and archery. The Beavers visited the camp on the Saturday and took part in a massive game of steal, where

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it is alleged that some of the older members of the group were cheating.

We had our usual Hallowe’en party in October, and everyone dressed up.

In November, some of the pack attended the Remembrance Day Parade and Service. There was a good attendance and the service was even linked through to the hall because it was so busy.

We also visited Bathgate fire Station in November, where we had a tour of the station, were shown round a fire engine, and got to skoosh a fire hose into the car park. It was a great night.

In January, we went to the pantomime at the King’s Theatre in Glasgow. This year it was ‘Cinderella’. Thanks to Gavin for organising it, although we almost didn’t make it to the theatre, as the bus was decidedly dodgy.

Throughout the year we have done lots of badge work: the Scientist, Local Knowledge and Home Safety activity badges, Emergency Aid stage 2, as well as the Community challenge badge. We are currently working towards gaining the Communicator badge.

The Cubs have also worked on badges on their own, with the Collector badge being the most popular.

We are looking forward to returning to the Craigs at the end of next week for our annual Cub camp, with loads of fun activities planned. Pray that it stays dry.

Before that, we have our Brucefield Church parade, which allows us to show ourselves of to the community; hope we get a good attendance.

We are also looking forward to the Civic week festivities. Can we make it three in a row with the quiz?

Then, to finish the term off, we are going to Polkemmet Park with the Beavers. More nice weather please!

This year, our leadership team has consisted mainly of Paul and Neil, with Gordon helping out when he can. Since last year, we have lost Andrew, but have recruited Nathan and press ganged Steven. Hopefully, the pack can continue going from strength to strength.

Cub latest

Eventually we have completed the Home Safety badge – the Pack has worked hard to achieve this.

Just a reminder that this Thursday, 28th March, is our last meeting before the holidays. We resume on Thursday 18th April. Hope you all have a good Easter.