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District Parade – Linlithgow

Many thanks to those who came along (and to parents for cajoling and helping their child be there!) to the annual District Parade on Sunday, 28th April, in Linlithgow.

Attendance was below expectations, but those who did attend represented the Scout Group terrifically well.

Letters go out this week for our next parade, the Brucefield Church Parade and Service which is taking place on Sunday 12th May. We would love if more people could make the effort to attend this parade where possible.

Cub and Beaver Scouts Ready to set off

Return from Easter

Beaver, Cub, Scout and Explorer Scout meetings have resumed after the Easter break!

This is a really busy term for us with outings, parades, camps, Gala Day activities along with weekly meetings.

We start this weekend with the District Parade in Linlithgow on Sunday, 28th April – along with Scouts from all over West Lothian. The bus is leaving Brucefield Church at 1.30 pm and we hope to be back for 4.30 pm.

We ask everyone wears full uniform – jumper/shirt, necker, trousers and shoes and please make a real effort to be there. Parades are perhaps not the most exciting activity we do – but they are an important part of what we do. Thank you.

Letters also went out this week for this term’s subscriptions. We ask that subs for Scouts and Explorers are paid by 14th May and the 16th May for Beaver and Cub Scouts. Thank you.

Finally, our AGM is taking place on Thursday 9th May at 8 pm. All Officer Bearers have kindly agreed to remain in post, so they will be reappointed at the meeting, section reports will be given and the Group finances discussed. It shouldn’t take much longer than 30 minutes and everyone is very welcome to attend.

Please keep visiting the website for information and updates on upcoming events.