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Group Calendar 2015


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A Crackin’ Ceilidh!


The Group would like to thank everyone who attended the 13th annual ceilidh in Whitburn Bowling Club on Friday 20 February. Along with a night filled with dancing, provided by The Alan Crookston Ceilidh Band, there was a raffle, Dutch Auction and buffet.  The fantastic sum of £812.63 was raised for the Scout Group. Everyone is thanked for their tremendous generosity and a special thank you to all the new faces that came along this year.  (And well done to Louise for organising it all!)

Cub Section Report

Cub Section Report January 2015
Currently we have 32 Cubs in the pack, with only one currently linking with the Scouts and three due to start linking at the beginning of March. We have had eleven new Cubs, nine from Beavers and two direct entries.
Since our last meeting the Cubs have been really busy:
We took twenty three Cubs to the group camp at Fordell Firs, where we took part in various activities, such as grass-sledging and archery, and a great weekend was had by all.
We have completed the Community Challenge Badge, which included a visit to Bathgate Fire Station, where the Cubs had an in depth tour of a fire engine and a talk about what being a firefighter involves.
The also completed the Emergency Aid Stage 2 and Home Safety Badges (the latter was organised and run by Ruaridh and Aimee). This included topics such as the recovery position, treatment of bleeding and burns, and what to do in an emergency.
In October, we completed the Astronomer Badge, which included a very interesting visit to the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh. There, Cubs learnt about the solar system and the individual planets. They also had a talk about the giant telescope.
November and December slowed down a bit. We had our traditional Irn Bru and short bread for St Andrew’s day, while the rest of the time we had games evenings, playing some of our usual games and some we hadn’t played before. We even let some of the Cubs lead the games so they could see how easy it is to be a leader.
During the Christmas break, we went with the rest of the group to the King’s theatre in Glasgow to see the pantomime ‘Peter Pan’. Another great success.
This year, we have started work on the IT Badge stage 2. Cubs are learning about the parts of a computer and internet safety.
We plan to do more badge work with the pack in the coming months. Our Cub camp is booked for the weekend 29th-31st May at the Craigs. All are welcome to come along for the weekend or pop in for an hour or so.
Thanks once again to Paul, Steven (when work allows), Ruaridh and Aimee for all your efforts. If anyone knows of anyone who would be interested in coming along to join the team, they would be more than welcome.

Beaver Scout Report – February 2015

We currently have 46 Beaver Scouts – 21 in the first and 25 in the second Colonies. 6 Beavers moved to Cubs in November 2014 and we have 7 Beavers aged to move to the Cubs but await spaces becoming available in the Cub Pack. 8 new members have joined us since December which is great.


Our recent activities have included a visit to Fordell Firs Scout Centre in Fife in September to join up with the rest of the Group at the annual Group Camp; on 18 September we had a rather foggy, but very enjoyable, evening a Redmill Play Park, East Whitburn as the church halls were being used for the Scottish Independence Referendum. Finally, on the 2 January 2015 the Beavers went to the pantomime at the Kings in Glasgow along with Scout Group. It was another fantastic – and noisy – day.


Our current planned activities for 2015 so far include a trip to Monster Mania indoor soft play on the 14 February, a joint meeting with the Cub Scouts at Polkemmet Country Park in May due to the halls being used for the General Election and our June trip is to Almond Valley, Livingston which we last visited in 2011.


We continue to award a great number of badges and the “Challenge Badge Cycle” continues as ever.   The Fitness and Friendship Challenge badges were awarded between September and November last year. We are currently working on the Promise Challenge badge and this will be completed and presented during February. The Scout Association has launched a whole new Beaver Scout Programme, badges and awards and we will need to spend time looking into the planning and implementation of these.


Olive retired from the leadership team on the 18 December. She has been an invaluable part of the team bringing tremendous patience and ability to cope with any situation, unfazed. She will be greatly missed and is thanked for all her time, effort and brilliant programmes over many years.


Other leadership news includes Neil’s warrant being finalized and Caitlin continues to be a real asset to the Beaver Section. Everyone is thanked, as always, for their superb input and efforts.

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