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Leaflet Drop

Many thanks to everyone who picked up Scout Post promotional leaflets on Tuesday or last night.  Lots are gone, but we still have a lots left to be delivered.

If haven’t taken any – or you’d like some more! – please come along tomorrow morning at 9.30 am.  The main (big, blue) door on the Main Street will be open.  Even if you can’t delivery tomorrow morning, please come and take some away and deliver at a time convenient to you.

Many hands…

Thank you very much!


Scout Post Promotional Leaflets

The promotional leaflets will be available for uplift tonight for any Scout and Explorer Scout parents who can’t make the delivery on Saturday.  The same will be happening on Thursday for Beaver parents.  The Cubs may be visiting Bathgate Fire Station but feel free to pop in to Brucefield tonight or on Thursday to pick up some leaflets.

Please take a few streets – it lightens the load for everyone else!

Thank you very much!


Fire station visit

As part of the Fire Safety activity badge, Cubs will visit Bathgate fire station on Thursday 23rd November. Cubs to meet at the fire station at 6.30pm and be collected at 7.30pm.

Scout Post 2017

Letters will go out this week asking for help with the traditional Scout Post promotional leaflet drop.


This year it is taking place on Saturday 25 November from 9.30 am.   We hope as many members of the Group and families will assist.  Please note that this is in addition to assisting with the one delivery that we ask all families to do.


If you are unable to help on this day then fear not!  We’ll have leaflets available – all sorted into streets – on Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd November which parents/guardians can pick up and do at a time more convenient to them.


Also, thank you to everyone who has returned their Scout Post Delivery Date form.  If you haven’t, please could we have this week so that the delivery rota can be drawn up and people advised of their delivery date.  If you need a new form, please use the link below:


Parental Rota Form 2017


Many thanks in anticipation for all you help.  Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Remembrance Sunday

Many thanks to everyone – children and leaders alike – who came along to yesterday’s Remembrance Day Parade and Service.

The number of people taking part in the parade and present at the War Memorial seems to increase each year and it was terrific that the Scout Group was there and well represented.  Especially on such a particularly cold, if dry, day.

Thank you very much.

Meetings Resume

Hopefully everyone had a great October week – whatever you were up to.

Scout and Explorer Scout meetings resume tonight – Tuesday 24 October.  Scouts (10 – 14 year olds) meetings are from 6.30 – 8.30 pm and Explorer (14 – 18 year olds) meetings are from 7.30 – 9.30 pm.

Beaver and Cub Scout meetings start back on Thursday.  Beavers ( 6 – 8 year olds) have two sessions – 5.30 – 6.30 pm and 6.45 – 7.45 pm – and Cub meetings (for 8 – 10 year olds) are from 6.15 – 7.45 pm.

New – and old! – faces are always welcome.

Also, letters went out before the holiday for the pantomime in January and the Scout Post asking for everyone to get involved with one delivery.  Please return forms as soon as possible.  Many thanks.


Explorer Scout News

Our Assistant Cub Scout Leader, Paul Freeman, will be changing roles within the Group to become the Explorer Scout Leader with immediate effect.  Paul will bring to the Explorers his huge experience and commitment to Scouting and will be a real asset to the Explorer Section.

Neil Brodie will be returning his focus to the Beaver Scouts but is greatly thanked for taking on the role of Explorer Scout Leader in June 2015 and for all his hard work, effort and input to the Section during this time.

Paul won’t be disappearing from the Cubs straight away and will be assisting with both Sections to help with transitional arrangements.


October Break

Just a wee reminder that all Section meetings are off next week for the October school holidays.


Scouts and Explorer Scouts meetings will resume on Tuesday 24th October and the Beaver Scouts/Cubs on Thursday 26th October.


Have a good week off.

Cubs Group Camp Report 2017

The Cubs joined the rest of the 7th Whitburn Scout group last weekend at Fordell Firs Activity Camp.  The coach left Whitburn at 6pm and headed across the new Queensferry Crossing to Fife.  For most of us, this was the first time across the bridge and we had plenty of time to have a look at it as the traffic was moving slowly.

Arriving at Fordell Firs, the cubs were happy to see that the advance party had already setup the tents and the Cubs had a good time setting up their sleeping bags and roll mats in their tents.  Once all settled in, the Cubs joined the Scout playing a wide game organised by Graeme and the explorers searching for matching pairs of signs in the woods.  There was time for some supper before bed.

In the morning, the Cubs enjoyed the first Fordell Firs led activity and had archery lessons some with bows larger than they were.  There are some potentially excellent bowmen and were able to hit the bullseye.


After that, the cubs continued with the Communicator Badge and used walkie-talkies to talk to each other from one side of the field to the other.  They played hide and seek where the pair of seekers were able to communicate using the walkie-talkies to track down the hiders.  The campsite was then overrun by the beavers arriving to visit for the day.

After lunch, there was the second Fordell activity.  Some of the cubs joined the scouts and did grass sledging whilst others did Bungie trampolining.  There was a competition to see how many flips could be done in the time allowed.

In the evening, the camp fire was led by Neil and Zack and all the cubs joined in with the singing and dancing, but  retired to sleep soon after, all tired after a busy day.

On the final day, there was games and eating smores around the camp fire but a trip to the Adventure play park.  The rain started  whilst we waiting for the bus to return, the only significant rain of the whole weekend which we can be very thankful for.

I hope all the Cubs had a great weekend, and we are already looking forward to Cub Camp next year.


Photos from this year’s Group Camp at Fordell Firs.  A great time was had by all the Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and leaders who stayed the whole weekend, as well as the Beavers who came along on Saturday afternoon.

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